Affiliate partnerships

We are working hard behind the scenes to bring a couple of affiliate partnerships to the office. These partnerships include some local gyms and hopefully some local products with exclusive discounts for our members at the office. Keep an eye out for more details on these in the coming months.

APX Velocity

Nestled in the heart of Menlo Park, California, APX Velocity stands as a beacon of fitness excellence. Specializing in Hybrid Training, we curate a unique fusion of anaerobic exercises, invigorating runs, empowering strength training, and lively team workouts. More than just a gym, we thrive on fostering a sense of community, where camaraderie fuels every stride and lift. Our holistic approach extends beyond the physical, ensuring that your fitness journey encompasses all facets of well-being, from enhancing cardiovascular endurance to fortifying muscular strength and beyond.


Saatva is a mattress company founded in 2010 on the principles of healthy, restorative sleep. All Saatva mattresses are hand crafted in the USA and are made to order using the highest quality eco-friendly materials. Saatva is not a bed in a box company, meaning your mattress will never be compressed for floor to door shipping, they come hand delivered after production, straight to your doorstep using white glove delivery. The company will deliver and set up your mattress for you, so you just get to enjoy your new restorative sleep. Saatva offers an array of luxury mattresses, toppers, pillows and bed sets. Not only does Saatva offer a high quality luxury product, but they also pair with multiple philanthropic organizations to enrich local and global communities. One of their main philanthropic partners is Evergreen™ which plants new trees in Kenya to both bolster the local Kenyan economy by providing employment opportunity to farmers, but also helps offset CO2 emissions. Saatva also has state programs that it pairs with to provide students and youth with job connections in both New York and Austin, through PENCIL and Austin Pathways. If you're still wondering if Saatva is right for you, check out their website to see what they over does yourself and see their stellar reviews.

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