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I took my cat Ziggy to see Dr. Holzworth a couple weeks ago after he had injured his spine and was having trouble walking and jumping. It takes a special person to work with a cat because they can be very nervous and timid. Dr. Holzworth was very patient with him and was able to adjust his spine in a few places without scaring him or forcing it. She also used a cold laser treatment. I'm happy to report that, after two treatments, my cat is back to his old self and is walking and jumping normally again! I'm very relieved and appreciative.

By LL CoolD

I am a chiropractor, but animals aren't my specialty so I take my pup to Dr. Holzworth. My dog has a strong character and unique body build that leads him to being more vulnerable to limping if he is out of alignment, and more sensitive if he's not getting an adjustment that addresses is particular needs. My dog LOVES & TRUSTS Dr. Holzworth, she knows how to ask him for permission and I don't have hold him with a death grip (or muzzle him!) when this chiropractor works on him. He knows that he will feel better and is comfortable. I got a referral from my vet. Thank you Dr. Holzworth!!!!

By Meg S.

I went to see Dr Holzworth for a sprained ankle and an upper back pain. I felt very well cared for during my visit and Dr. Holzworth was extremely thorough. I had great results from the first visit. The swelling and pain in my ankle were greatly reduced and my mobility improved in my ankle and upper back. Her office is very clean, tidy and inviting and it was absolutely a positive experience. I would definitely recommend Holzworth Chiropractic and will be back.

By Angela K.

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