Manipulative Therapies



Chiropractic treatment primarily occurs in two forms; manipulation and manual release technique. Manipulation involves a quick thrust with low amplitude, usually resulting in a pop or crack. This pop or crack is a release of gas within the joint as it compresses and then gaps to open up the joint space and recenter into proper alignment. Alternatively, treatment can be provided with instruments such as an activator or a drop away table to realign a joint into its proper position, normally without a pop or crack. Manual release technique is a method that is used to relax muscles by either utilizing compression with or without movement. Vibratory tools such as the Hypervolt by HyperIce™ or Gua sha scraping tools can also be used to increase blood flow, thus relaxing the muscles, and assisting in longer relief after treatment.

Cupping: a myofascial release technique that utilizes a vacuum system to bring blood flow to areas of restriction and pain. This therapy has been used in eastern medicine for ages. It is a focal release technique that we use primarily for trigger point release and muscle relaxation. *** Light bruising may occur with this treatment

Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation(IASTM): IASTM is a myofascial scrapping technique where the doctors utilize Rock BladesTM to superficially perturb the top layers of skin and fascia to increase blood flow to areas of muscular restriction. While this technique sounds scary it is actually a very gentle technique that helps to alleviate pain, trigger points and myofascial adhesions. *** Bruising may occur with this technique as well